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Everyone should try this product!

I have been using Boost My fuel for the past several months and have noticed my car's performance has increased and also the annoying rough idle has completely dissipated. That alone is worth it in addition to the improved gas mileage!

~Erin W.

Robert Stolz

I Have a 2011 Honda Accord V-6, which recently turned over 100,000 miles. Since using over 10 gas fill ups with BOOST, I notice my car is more responsive and has more power (powerfull H.P.) By using BOOST I notice I am getting better mileage of 33 MPG.

-Robert S.

This stuff does what they say it will do!

I have used Boost My Fuel in two of my vehicles, a 2013 Jeep Wrangler and a 2003 Corvette. On a recent trip the Jeep experienced about 1-1/2 MPG improvement in fule mileage on the first couple of tanks. The Corvette has been plagued with fuel pump noise caused by poor quality fuel and alcohol additives. With Boost My Fuel, the noise stopped on the first tank! I have been in the automotive business for 35 years, and have seen a lot of products like this fail to meet expectations. Like I said in the title, This stuff does what they say it will do!

-Jon W.


Boost My Fuel Mileage Report Here are results I have witnessed, using BOOST MY FUEL, in my 2005 Subaru Outback Sport. (a.) I have witnessed more power, from the engine in my Subaru, since I began using BOOST. (b.) During a highway trip from Nebraska to California, and returning home. In April of 2013. I obtained over 33 MPG (c.) And while traveling from Nebraska to Alabama and returning home in May of 2013. I witnessed between 28 – 31 MPG during the trip. These results are truly phenomenal, and are way off the charts. And considering I have a lead-foot is remarkable as well. (d.) I have witnessed city mileage average between 23 – 26 MPG. And results over 27 MPG. Official US Government EPA fuel mileage for a 2005 Subaru Outback Sport is rated at 20 City and 27 Highway. Here is the US Department of Energy link: I recommend BOOST, to anyone using a Gasoline or Diesel engine. Yours Truly, Kelly Brooks

-Kelly B.

Best Product I HAVE EVER USED!

Hi, what a great product!! I have used Boost Fuel Treatment for 8 doses. WOW!! I at first noticed increased Horsepower on my 87 300SDL TURBO. The top engine head was rebuilt at 475,000miles because a head gasket Blew!!! But the bottom end had 508,000 miles when I began using the product, I now have 512,708 miles . IT HAS NEVER RUN BETTER!! My wife said why is so quiet? I told it must be because 90 percent of the CARBON IS GONE! If I drive like "the Little Ole Lady from Pasadena " i get 580'miles per tank. If I RACE I get 450 miles per tank. If I drive normally I get 535 mp tank !!! I have 17.8 gal. Tank which equals almost 31 mpg!!! When I bought it from my friend in August he said it always gets 25 mpg.,which is still not bad for a 4,000 lb. limo!!! It is the best product I HAVE EVER USED!!

-Jim Medve

128,000 Mile F-150 running like new!

I have been using Boost Fuel saver in my F-150 Ford truck which has 128,000 miles and never had a tune up ,it was really running sluggish, after the 4th treetment its now running like a new truck with more Milage went from 17mpg to 20 mpg with no tune up required yet. truck is a V6.

-Delphard Cochran


Thanks for the quick reply. My application is for a 2012 Ford 6.7 liter diesel engine. A friend uses you product and claims excellent results. As you know the new diesel engines require the use of DEF. He claimed that a friend of his started to use your product and his motor is running so clean that his DEF use is virtually nil. He even had Ford check the system to make sure it was functioning properly. Ford is also finding that a tank full ( 5 Gallons ) lasts 3,000 - 5,000 miles verses the 7,500 - 10,000 advertised. The computer monitor is also an issue. I was on a trip recently when mine at 2,375 miles told me that in 50 miles I would be restricted to 50 mph with no prior warning. If your product can reduce the consumption of DEF by making the fuel burn more efficiently it is a win - win for me. Another little quirk Ford told me about is that it seems that the fuel econom y diminishes as the DEF tank gets lower on product?
Most of my friends run diesel pick-ups and everyone uses an additive. I have been using Lucas Oil diesel additive m yself. I am reluctant to purchase a gallon of your product without being able to try it first. At 128 oz. x 20 gal. = 2,560 gallons treated x 15 mpg = 38,400 miles. That is over 4 years for me. What is the shelf life of the Boost Fuel Saver product? Ford wants me to store the DEF in a controlled environment which is beyond stupid. How controlled is the environment of that tank hanging under mytruck? I would like to purchase a smaller amount of your product for a trial if possible.
I also have a John Deere tractor that I store diesel for and could use your product there also. Diesel trucks a very popular here on the west coast. Your product should sell well out here.
Please advise. Thanks again for your assistance.


Convinced it Works!

Hello! Boost My Fuel. This is James Tucker. I have trying your product over the last few weeks and I am convinced that you product works. Now I am ready to start the distributorship. Give me a call tomorrow, March 5, so we can discuss how to get started.

-James Tucker