Boost My Fuel White Paper


Go Green, Save Green!

Better Than Money In The Bank!

BOOST MY FUEL Products are offered in 55 Gallon Drum, 275 & 330 Gallon Totes, and Rail Car Tanker, for commercial/industrial use applications.

Additionally we now offer in individual consumer size packaging for the general public and business community’s use in; Pickup Trucks, Vans, and Automobiles.

BOOST MY FUEL is on the “cutting edge” of fuel technology with a world class laboratory.

BOOST MY FUEL products are manufactured with over 60 years of experience and history. Providing advanced fuel solutions and improving the performance and reliability of fuels for users such as: Railroad Locomotives & Equipment, Marine Vessels, Major Utilities Power Plants, Generators, Mining Equipment, the US Government, Fleet Vehicles and Service Trucks, Private Companies, and Corporations.

If BOOST MY FUEL is capable of meeting these rigorous standards, imagine what this comprehensive industrial fuel improver will do for your engine, too!

BOOST, is a highly concentrated fuel improver, used to minimize maintenance cost, extend engine life, increase performance, reduce fuel consumption, and reduce harmful emissions & pollutants. For use in Diesel, Gasoline, or Bio-Fuel Blend Fuels.

Our customers come from various industries such as:

- Railroad Locomotives, Cranes, Construction Equipment, and Fleet Vehicles

- Ocean Vessels, Cruise Ships

- Engineering Firms

- Government/Military

- Hospitals

- Stationary Power Plants/Generating Stations, and Portable Generators.

- Fuel Marketers & Distributors

- Mining Equipment

- Environmental Consultants

- Airports/Airlines

- Fleet Vehicles

- And now the General Public, and Small Business community as well!

Experience These Advantages: *Over 60 years of experience and history with BOOST MY FUEL products and services. *State-of-the-art laboratory excelling in petroleum chemical engineering, organic chemistry and corrosion engineering.

*Providing top quality fuel analysis, fuel troubleshooting and problem solving. *Unparalleled sales and technical support. *Unmatched credentials and capabilities industry-wide. *Increased combustion efficiency of both diesel and gasoline engines.

Product Description:

BOOST is a unique blend of oil soluble organo-metallics which results in better overall performance of your internal-combustion engine. When added to gasoline or diesel fuel, Boost Fuel Saver increases the combustion efficiency of your engine. A catalyst of any type is something that will speed up a reaction, or allow a reaction to take place at a lower temperature. In our case the catalyst lowers the ignition temperature of the Hydrocarbon by 400 degrees Fahrenheit (204 degrees Celsius) which normally ignites around 1200 degrees Fahrenheit (649 degrees Celsius) to a temperature of about 800 degrees Fahrenheit (426 degrees Celsius). This facilitates a more efficient complete burn of individual hydrocarbons, which allows the fuel to burn more complete, saving fuel! By producing a more complete burn, the most available BTU's (energy) in that gallon or lb. of fuel will be used. It does not increase BTU's but allows the combustion process to convert more of the available BTU's into energy. By burning hydrocarbons more completely there is less unburned or partially burned fuel going up a stack in the form of particulate emissions.

BOOST improves performance, reduces carbon build-up and carbon-related maintenance problems, provides additional lubrication to Fuel injectors, Fuel Pumps, Valves and Valve Guides, Upper Cylinder Walls, and Upper Piston Rings.

Saving your fuel, your money, reduces harmful emissions, and pollutants into the environment. The powerful components of BOOST, combined with gasoline or diesel fuel: a.) Increases the combustion efficiency, by using more BTU’s of the fuel. b.) Provides a more efficient combustion process by lowering the ignition temperature of the hydrocarbons. This allows more of each fuel particle to burn more efficiently in the combustion chamber. (c.) Prevents soot particles from adhering to equipment and metal surfaces. Carbon is the glue that holds lower melting point materials together. These materials form slag deposits on equipment. They are hard abrasives that accelerate wear, and hold heat and cause torching of exhaust valves. The catalyst allows the formation of higher melting point materials that keep the available Vanadium from forming Sodium Vanadyl Sulfate. (Sodium Vanadyl Sulfate is a major abrasive deposit that destroys valves)

Boost Fuel Saver, contains inhibitors and sludge dispersants which minimize particulate, allowing improved combustion with less soot and gummy deposits on fuel metering equipment, injectors, and Turbo Chargers. These same inhibitors and dispersants are powerful cleaners that maximize engine efficiency. (d.) Keeps hydrocarbons separated, not allowing them to stick together and agglomerate in the form of gums, resins and particulate. (e.) Stabilizes the natural chemical activity of fuel, preventing formulation of fuel particulate. (f.) Disperses any hydrocarbon particulate that may already be present in a fuel, while continuously cleaning fuel system components. (g.) Includes detergents for both gasoline and diesel engines. (h.) Lubricates fuel pumps, injectors and upper cylinder walls. (i.) Includes corrosion inhibitor to keep metal components of the fuel system like new. (j.) Demulsifies to keep water out of the fuel. (k.) Prolongs the life of stored fuel, ensuring fuel reliability. BOOST is formulated to be completely soluble in fuels and is designed to be added directly to fuels in storage at a rate of 1 gallon per 10,000 gallons of distillate fuel or as necessary based on scientific testing. 1 – 55 Gallon Drum Treats up to 550,000 gallons, or (2,131,186 Liters) of gasoline, diesel, or bio-fuel blends. The highly concentrated blend of ingredients in BOOST (1/2 fl oz. or 15mL) treats between10 - 40 gallons, & double doses **10 - **20 gallons, of diesel, gasoline, or bio-fuel blends) (**Double Dose 76 Liters) - (*Single Dose 151 Liters)

Regular use of Boost Fuel Saver will allow for optimum results in engine performance when combined with regular and scheduled maintenance of any internal-combustion engine. BOOST allows the use of lower octane gasoline, and lower quality fuels, with no decrease in engine performance. To witness similar benefits without using BOOST, you would have to purchase the highest grade premium fuel, spending $.20 - $.30 cents more per gallon, in addition to using multiple individual additives. Some engine manufacturers may require or recommend Premium Fuel, check the manufacturer’s owner manual for instruction. *It is recommended to use BOOST every time you fill-up.

IT IS A PROVEN FACT, A CLEANER ENGINE IS A MORE EFFICIENT ENGINE The Detergents, along with the Lubricant and other Agents in BOOST, significantly improves: (a.)Performance, (b.)Maintenance/Service Intervals, (c.)Engine Life, (d.)Fuel Economy (e.) Reduces Harmful Emissions. ** Double dose the first 3 fuel tank fill-ups or more. Continue double dosage, or single dosing thereafter. *Single dose is adequate in new or newer engines with low miles.

Here are Ten Engine Components listed, which will benefit from a cleaner and more lubricated gasoline, or diesel engine here: (1.) Fuel Injector Tips, and Atomizing Orifices. (2.) Fuel Pumps are more lubricated, and the polymerization retardant keeps diesel fuel pumpable.

(3.) Fuel Filters stay cleaner for longer periods of time. (4.) Valves and Valve Guides, show less torching and carbon build-up. (5.) The Combustion Chamber, is free of carbon deposits, or significantly reduced. (6.) Top End Lubricant, provides additional lubrication to upper piston cylinder walls, and piston rings. (7.) EGR Valves are cleaner, due to more complete fuel combustion. (8.) Rust and Corrosion Inhibitors, prevent Fuel Tank and Fuel System corrosion caused by oxidation and condensation. (9.) Smoke Stack/Exhaust - The combustion catalyst in BOOST provides you with greater fuel efficiency. In comparative tests, the additive decreased combustible carbon residue 60 to 90 percent. These results are evidence of more complete combustion. Also, the resulting lower carbon residue indicates more BTUs (power) per pound of fuel were burned. Therefore the effect of Combustion Catalyst burn-rate modifier is twofold. More complete combustion produces more useful energy while reducing soot and smoke. (10.) Turbo Chargers - Due to a more complete combustion of the fuel, there are reductions in unburned carbon. The polymerization inhibitor in BOOST , prevents the hydrocarbon molecules from restructuring into bigger chains, and there is less residue available for unintentional return to the turbo charger.