Why we are the leader

For over 65 years, BOOST MY FUEL products have been used to; increase performance, extend engine life, prolong the life of stored fuel, clean fuel injectors and internal parts, reduce carbon build-up and carbon-related maintenance problems, separate water from the fuel, provide additional lubrication to Fuel injectors, Fuel Pumps, Valve Guides, Upper Cylinder Walls, and minimize maintenance costs. It also reduces fuel consumption to save your money, and reduce harmful smoke emissions.

It works great in all diesel, gasoline, and bio-fuel blends.

(1.) Improves Performance H.P. - Ingredients all work together.

(2.) Stabilizer - Prolong the life of stored fuel.

(3.) Detergent - Cleans Fuel Injectors, and internal parts.

(4.) Lubricant - Lubricates internal parts.

(5.) Demulsifier - Separates water from the fuel.

(6.) * Polymerization Retardant – Prohibits particulates from forming.

(7.) * Dispersant – Eliminates filter plugging and injector scoring.

(8.) Corrosion Inhibitor - Retards internal corrosion and fouling of fuel system.

(9.) Extend Engine Life – Ingredients all work together.

(10.) * Combustion Catalysts - Increases Fuel Economy. Ingredients all work together.

(11.) Reduces Smoke Emissions - Ingredients all work together.

*Note: There are 3 components which differentiate BOOST, with other multi symptom additive products on the market, here: (a.) our* Combustion Catalyst (b.) our * Organic Dispersant (c.) our *Polymerization Retardant.

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